Britt Britt Gets Dirty

June 3, 2018

Stop it. I mean in the dirt. Like actual DIRT. Soil. Earth. Ground. Land. Worm Food. All of the sudden this summer I am a gardner. Like I’ve just decided I’m going to plant stuff. Lots of stuff. Ok so not like– vegetables or fruits– but flowers! Lot’s of flowers.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the 1993 film version of The Secret Garden. Man I loved that movie. That Colin was a real pansy. (pun totally intended) I wanted to punch him in the whining face. I would have knocked him out of that antique wheelchair long before Mary did. Ahhh ¬†Mary quite contrary and Dickon…and then there was the one and only Maggie Smith who as Mrs. Medlock. I don’t know who the creepy uncle Yanny wannabe was- but everyone else was just magic.

I used to watch that movie, then put on the most victorian-like dress I had (ok truth: I had a lot because I was THAT kid and my mom was THAT mom) and run around my backyard with my American Girl Doll (Molly, back when there were only 4 dolls available and they came with a history education) and pretend I was in my “secret garden.” I even read the book. OK I read most of the book. Up until it was the most boring thing I’d ever laid eyes on and just couldn’t take it any more.

Anyway- the point is, I’ve always been captivated by gardens but I’ve never attempted my own.

Because spiders.

And dirt.


But THIS IS THE YEAR! Michael Jackson THIS IS IT! I have begun! Just like Colin, I’m going to rise from my metaphorical antique wheelchair of arachnophobia take baby steps into the world of growing stuff.

I am starting small. Making some improvements in the back yard. I want to be able to go out to the backyard all summer long and just live out there with the boys. Naturally the first place to start when gardening is Pinterest…right? So here’s some summer gardening inspiration¬†Pinspiration to get me started. Feel free to send me all the tips and tricks. Wait- do you even follow me on Pinterest?? YOU SO SHOULD! Find me HERE!!!!!

Thanks! XO


((all photos taken from the wonder that in Pinterest ))

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