Phamily Vacation!

February 28, 2018

We decided to head out for some sun, sea, salt and giant turkey legs for a few days. We were lucky enough to take a break from the grey skies & snow and stay the week in Newport.

We made our way through Little Saigon – which was totally nostalgic for Brandon. As a kid he used to visit there often with his dad.

We had 2 magical days at the happiest / busiest place on earth. Sheesh. as soon as I walk through those gates, it’s like all bets are off. Just take my money. Take it all. I’m addicted to the magic and wonder of it all. I mean… the castle alone causes this “dead inside gal” to feel all the things. I may have silently shed a few tears, under the protection of my giant sunglasses a few times. I left the part both days feeling confused, bewildered, tired, hungry (somehow??) and yet entirely depressed that it was over. I’d go back to that abusive mouse again and again. Just another customer addicted to the pain.

I didn’t really take many photos… especially of all 4 of us together. We were just having too much fun to bother with it! But here’s a glimpse into a very fun week together.


I had to include the photo of Walter meeting Groot. Groot was his most number one favorite part about Disney Land. Miles really enjoyed the light fixtures and variety chandeliers. hahaha.


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