For the Love of Embroidery

June 29, 2015

OK…so maybe you know, maybe you don’t…but most of my internet existence has been with my online shoppe (I spell it with an extra P and E because it’s fancy)

2 years ago I started the shoppe. I officially took a break this spring just before Walter was born.  It was just too much to try and be buying, photographing, listing, and shipping inventory and orders along side 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 husband and 1 household all by myself. So “shoppe” is closed for now…hoping to re-open eventually…but I dunno. I am enjoying the break. ha.

Anyway…as of late, I have been getting tons of inquiries about some embroidered styles I had in the shoppe last summer. They are petty darn cute and comfortable for these dog days. I basically live in them right now.

So- after popular demand, I will be doing a pre-sale for some embroidered pieces this week on Instagram. (which I am having some serious feelings about IG lately…but more on that later)

You will find all available styles, colors, prices on my “closet sale” IG account


To purchase one, leave your email in the comments below each style you would like. A PayPal invoice will be sent, and then you have 24 hours to pay the invoice to ensure your purchase. Expecting to ship mid-july $6 domestic, $15 international.


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