Britt Britt Gets Dirty

June 3, 2018

Stop it. I mean in the dirt. Like actual DIRT. Soil. Earth. Ground. Land. Worm Food. All of the sudden this summer I am a gardner. Like I’ve just decided I’m going to plant stuff. Lots of stuff. Ok so not like– vegetables or fruits– but flowers! Lot’s of flowers.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the 1993 film version of The Secret Garden. Man I loved that movie. That Colin was a real pansy. (pun totally intended) I wanted to punch him in the whining face. I would have knocked him out of that antique wheelchair long before Mary did. Ahhh  Mary quite contrary and Dickon…and then there was the one and only Maggie Smith who as Mrs. Medlock. I don’t know who the creepy uncle Yanny wannabe was- but everyone else was just magic.

I used to watch that movie, then put on the most victorian-like dress I had (ok truth: I had a lot because I was THAT kid and my mom was THAT mom) and run around my backyard with my American Girl Doll (Molly, back when there were only 4 dolls available and they came with a history education) and pretend I was in my “secret garden.” I even read the book. OK I read most of the book. Up until it was the most boring thing I’d ever laid eyes on and just couldn’t take it any more.

Anyway- the point is, I’ve always been captivated by gardens but I’ve never attempted my own.

Because spiders.

And dirt.


But THIS IS THE YEAR! Michael Jackson THIS IS IT! I have begun! Just like Colin, I’m going to rise from my metaphorical antique wheelchair of arachnophobia take baby steps into the world of growing stuff.

I am starting small. Making some improvements in the back yard. I want to be able to go out to the backyard all summer long and just live out there with the boys. Naturally the first place to start when gardening is Pinterest…right? So here’s some summer gardening inspiration Pinspiration to get me started. Feel free to send me all the tips and tricks. Wait- do you even follow me on Pinterest?? YOU SO SHOULD! Find me HERE!!!!!

Thanks! XO


((all photos taken from the wonder that in Pinterest ))

Anthro Fashion Show

March 10, 2018

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, select Anthro stores were invited to host spring fashion shows. I was so excited to be a part of planning ours! I called upon a few friends and regular customers to participate, and the evening was a blast! So much color, texture, and style to inspire warm weather outfitting. Most of my photos are BTS but I’ve borrowed a few of my friend Shauna’s from the runway. You’ll find these looks and more at and in store now! XO


Phamily Vacation!

February 28, 2018

We decided to head out for some sun, sea, salt and giant turkey legs for a few days. We were lucky enough to take a break from the grey skies & snow and stay the week in Newport.

We made our way through Little Saigon – which was totally nostalgic for Brandon. As a kid he used to visit there often with his dad.

We had 2 magical days at the happiest / busiest place on earth. Sheesh. as soon as I walk through those gates, it’s like all bets are off. Just take my money. Take it all. I’m addicted to the magic and wonder of it all. I mean… the castle alone causes this “dead inside gal” to feel all the things. I may have silently shed a few tears, under the protection of my giant sunglasses a few times. I left the part both days feeling confused, bewildered, tired, hungry (somehow??) and yet entirely depressed that it was over. I’d go back to that abusive mouse again and again. Just another customer addicted to the pain.

I didn’t really take many photos… especially of all 4 of us together. We were just having too much fun to bother with it! But here’s a glimpse into a very fun week together.


I had to include the photo of Walter meeting Groot. Groot was his most number one favorite part about Disney Land. Miles really enjoyed the light fixtures and variety chandeliers. hahaha.


Update / Salt Lake

October 25, 2015

Oh holy crap. I am so bad at blogging. I still think I hate it and spend too much time making fun of it to actually do it. Obviously it’s been a really long time since I posted something. The last few months have been cray cray. I am kind of a mess. Too much of a mess to really take time and invest in the internets.

But- writing a quickie update on our little Phamily might make me feel better. Sometimes you just have to put your shit out there.

So in my last post, I was talking about how much anxiety I was having. Mostly because we were in the throws of making the decision to move back to Salt Lake City. Hardest choice we’ve ever made. Long story short, we did.

Brandon was offered a new job, and we made our way back to our old stomping grounds. It’s a good job and a good move. Good to be back with family and friends- but so hard to leave Washington. Too hard to talk about right now. We’ve been living (temporarily) in an apartment while selling our home in Washington and hunting for a new one in Utah. I can’t bring myself to unpack any more than what is absolutely necessary to survive.

I have not cooked a single thing (unless the microwave counts?) since we moved. We have paper plates, cups, and forks. Sorry, environment. (We had spoons, they ran out. Remembering to buy more is hard, so we eat yogurt and cereal with forks. Soup really doesn’t work with a fork, so we drink that out of the mug we use to heat it up in.)  I can’t keep up on laundry, or keep the apartment clean.  I’m totally not myself. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the move and baby Walter, who has gone from sleeping through the night every night- to not sleeping at all ever. I have weird delayed postpartum issues. Maybe more about that later… but just know that I am not on my A game in the least. I’m dropping balls right and left.

>>please note it’s really hard for me not to make jokes about adolescent boys after that statement<<

This is not meant to be a negative post. Just honest. I am not perfectly handling myself and my children with ease and style. I am barely keeping it together. Sometimes we all get caught up in looking good or even perfect online and social media. Or- the really hard to achieve “perfectly imperfect” which is when we post things about our flaws and shortcomings….but really just make us look amazing. You know what I’m talking about. Well, this is not that. This is seriously one of the most trying times in my life. But- at the end of the day, I am just so thankful for these 3 boys I share my life with. They are the best.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

I remind myself every day that this just one of those phases in life that feels like it’s killing me- but actually it’s teaching me. Teaching me some lesson, making me stronger for something, and brighter days are ahead.

Looking forward to those days!!

Oh, and here’s a photo of what our apartment actually really looks like right this minute. And this is a “good” day. (insert emoji with big eyes showing teeth here)




and then there were 2

July 17, 2015

so i’ve been super anxious lately. i don’t exactly know why, i just know that there’s been more sleepless nights, and not because of walter, but because of my racing thoughts. it’s midnight right now, and i’m on my laptop, eating watermelon (because i can’t find any chocolate) looking through photos and memories and thinking about what’s to come and what life will bring for my little family of 4.

i’m so i madly in love with my 2 boys i could just explode. they are just the most magnificent things i’ve ever seen. i can’t believe they’re mine. sometimes i actually think to myself “these are mine?? i get to keep them?? what did i do to deserve such wonderful boys??” i feel unworthy sometimes. i’ve been blessed beyond words.

that being said… sometimes it’s not all story time and picnics in meadows. sometimes it’s screaming tantrums, talking back, crying for no reason, and bodily fluids everywhere. -and then there are the kids…

so cheeky.

sometimes i am really bad at having 2 kids. i’m not nearly as good at it as i thought i would be. there’s not much grace in my steps these days. i’m quite certain i look like a traveling circus (what i really want to say is shit show) and it’s just not coming to me as easily as i thought it would. motherhood does not always come naturally for me. i have to really try.

instagram is a lie.

this is not one of those posts where i claim to be a bad mom and hope that 200 people leave comments telling me otherwise. (and by 200 i mean the 2 people who read this blog) truthfully, it’s not that i think i’m a “bad mom” – it’s that i’m bad at being a mom, and a decent human being at the same time. usually the “being a mom” comes before the “decent human being” part. i always put my kids first, but man…do i suck at keeping on top of everything else in life. bahahaha.

walter is just the perfect little addition to our family. having him in our home and in our arms for the last 3.5 months has been magic. i love newborns. (ok, i only love my own newborns. other newborns freak me out. so small. too small!!) but i love having such a fresh soul in my home. there’s a sweetness a new baby brings to a home unlike anything else. i feel so lucky to have him.

so even though i can’t seem to keep the laundry pile under mt. everest status, there’s never a clean bottle when i need one, my car is full of empty starbucks cups, i cook the same 3 meals every week on rotation (and by cook i mean reach for the food through my car widow) and flip flops and yoga pants have become my new uniform #capsulewardrobe i’m just so grateful to have these 2 boys. i’m not always great at being their mom, but i sure will keep trying. IMG_0867IMG_0836IMG_1019IMG_1062IMG_0919IMG_0946IMG_1039IMG_0866IMG_0971


For the Love of Embroidery

June 29, 2015

OK…so maybe you know, maybe you don’t…but most of my internet existence has been with my online shoppe (I spell it with an extra P and E because it’s fancy)

2 years ago I started the shoppe. I officially took a break this spring just before Walter was born.  It was just too much to try and be buying, photographing, listing, and shipping inventory and orders along side 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 husband and 1 household all by myself. So “shoppe” is closed for now…hoping to re-open eventually…but I dunno. I am enjoying the break. ha.

Anyway…as of late, I have been getting tons of inquiries about some embroidered styles I had in the shoppe last summer. They are petty darn cute and comfortable for these dog days. I basically live in them right now.

So- after popular demand, I will be doing a pre-sale for some embroidered pieces this week on Instagram. (which I am having some serious feelings about IG lately…but more on that later)

You will find all available styles, colors, prices on my “closet sale” IG account


To purchase one, leave your email in the comments below each style you would like. A PayPal invoice will be sent, and then you have 24 hours to pay the invoice to ensure your purchase. Expecting to ship mid-july $6 domestic, $15 international.